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Information About PTKE
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16th Oct 2012

Before We Start The Founder of PTKE is : Homicidal PTKE
and the Vice President of PTKE and Site Developer is : lLeGiT TrY HaRd

Hello everyone, this is lLeGiT TrY HaRd just wanting New and Current Clan members to know that the Website is finally up, of course the URL is the same
the old forums were a bit small and crowded so i switched over to these in hopes to soon get some way better ones maybe by clan members donating a few Bucks to support the clan and the expenses. Anyway , PTKE has over 200 clan members and is rapidly growing each and every day. There is no special requirements to get into the clan but one thing is for sure, there should be no clan disrespecting to anyone at anytime, also no clan jumping ( If we see you clan jumping, your are out of the clan)
If you Fail to Follow these Simple Rules you will be punished!

Also some Neat Features we offer for our fellow clan members that maybe no other clan does.

1.We give out xbox live codes to members who have ran out of Xbox live or who are about to run out

2.We give out map pack license transfer's every so often to 1 clan member every 4 months ( due to license transfer waiting period)

More Features are being developed !
Forum » News and Events » About PTKE
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